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On the recommendation of an OFB, I decided to try some of these hand-carved propellers, I made it hard for Alan, asking for some matched twin-pusher props as well as some 8" Two-Bit props.. That meant that the paired TP props ideally should match weight wise, as well as pitch wise, but most of all, it required a right-handed prop as well as a left-handed prop. What I got was far better than I had expected. They were finish-shaped, nicely sanded, and had a couple of coats of nitrate. All I have to do is add the Esaki tissue for strength and a final coat or two of thinned nitrate as required for final balancing. Remarkable value for the price! Although I do carve my own smaller props, I could easily be spoiled by these propellers. If you want to try an old stick'n'tissue design but are intimidated by the prospect of the balsa prop, get one of these jewels! Jim Howell Huntsville, AL

Rated by James Howell

I stuck one of Alan's 7" carved props on my Rich Weber-design Dimescale Beech Staggerwing. Granted, this was already a pretty great performer, easily the best flying dimer I've ever built, but it had always bugged me that I had to add tailweight to the thing to balance out the plastic prop I had on there, and the glide was pretty steep. Once fitted with the light wood prop, THAT problem was solved, and I was eager to see how the higher pitched prop plus dropping almost 3 grams from the AUW would affect the flight. The answer to that question was, er positively. The blasted thing corkscrewed up into the heavens like a homesick angel and disappeared in short order on its first flight. Not sure whether to give the prop a good or a bad rating for that.... ;) I have a 9" Cohen prop that I am considering putting on my 30" Rockytop Models Miles Magister, but I'm thinking I should see how effective the DT is first.....

Rated by David Mitchell
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